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First name : Richard
Last name : Dante
Age : 32
Gender : Male
Height : 6’3”
Eyes color : Green
Hair color : Black
Job : Bounty hunter

Dante is an ex-military sergeant, hence his abilities in hand-to-hand combat and to shoot accurately. As a cyborg, his abilities are limited to a x-ray vision (but the use of that generate major headaches) and his hands and arms are able to lift ten times his weight, but when he uses that “power” for too long, he is very tired and physically drained.

Weapons: a handgun, concealed.
Personal objects: None. Dante got rid of his dog-tag, unlike other ex-militaries.

Physical aspect:

Dante always wears black suits or casual clothes. He fixes his hair neatly, both professionally and practically. He is tall and much buffed, he looks impressive and he counts on that to be acknowledging when in the middle of a contract. When on a contract, he also wears black, and some tactical gear such as a tactical mesh concealment vest under a leather trench coat (to avoid attention); a tactical thigh rig; gloves with Kevlar lining for protection from sharp objects. When it’s cold (below -10° Celsius) he wears a parka instead of the trench coat, and trades his thigh rig for a shoulder holster. He has a black ink on the back of his neck, although unsure of it’s meaning, it looks like somehow of a branding. He also has a collection of scars, mostly located on his chest and back.


Born in the mid 2030’s, Richard Dante has a very normal childhood, proceeding to complete successfully his elementary and high school. He also went to college, then to university, majoring in psychology. Then, he decided to enlist himself into the army, because he wanted to do something else than work with his head. There, he learned how to fight and how to think under a lot of pressure. He also learnt how to deal with the horrors of the war and was wounded several times, although never anything major. Until one day, a terrible accident occurred, and he lost one of his eye and one arm. On his way to the hospital, he lost consciousness and he woke up in a white and strange room. He then started to feel like he had lost a part of himself forever, replaced by something cold and indefinable. He then was told that he was into the Silver Moon Corporation’s lab, and that they replaced his lost eye and arm with cybernetic implants. For four years, they taught him how to handle his new-found abilities and warned him about the dangers of using them too often.

Psychological profile: Dante is very capable physically, but he keeps to himself. He does not talk often nor does he display emotions. He does not like to show off his cyborg abilities.

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