Fisher's shack [A needle in a haystack]

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Fisher's shack [A needle in a haystack] Empty Fisher's shack [A needle in a haystack]

Post  Host on Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:41 pm

Arrow A needle in a haystack

Some days later, as she was contacted by Tatiana for updates on their "target", she walked to another rendezvous point, at the harbor, in the south part of the city.

As she made her way there, it started to smell bad. In fact, the more she was getting closer to the spot, the stronger the stench became... After a few minutes, she was there. The smell was incredibly strong; surrounding the fisher's shack. Elizabeth started to worry.

"Oh my God..." she whispers between her fingers as she discovered her friend's body, rotting away.

Then she started to throw up.

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Fisher's shack [A needle in a haystack] Empty Re: Fisher's shack [A needle in a haystack]

Post  Daleka on Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:46 pm

Elizabeth was walking aimlessly in the harbor area. She had seen hell yet she didn't expect to come this close to her. It hurt her very much, and that pain was opening up old wounds; making her bleed from the inside. Now she just wanted to drown herself in alcohol because, as cliché as it might have sounded, that was her only way to cope. She had nobody to talk to; not anymore. She had grown found of that Russian woman who were not judging her and was very accepting. She only knew her for a few days yet she felt like she had known Tanya for years.

She also, accessory, provided her with enough information to continue on her mission. At least she did one very good thing before she was murdered.. died.. Whatever..

Her first reaction when she seen her friend's body was to scream. Then she realized that it was not the smartest of things to do, and then she quickly got lost. She didn't have the heart to bury her friend, but at least she wrote down her address and intended to send the family flowers.. If there was still such things as a flower shop, that is.

She was at the edge of the port, where she parked her old beat up car. It was still functioning perfectly but she made sure to make it as old as fuck just to not be bothered by anything or anybody. She drove slowly to the higher streets. She partially hid it in a garage that she co-owned, in a way that surely wouldn’t attract anybody. Then she started walking toward Kady's.

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