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Post  Draven on Sun Mar 23, 2008 11:47 pm

[OK] Scott Draven 3282031369a3809220818b210392127l
First name : Scott
Last name : Draven
Nickname : Draven or Scott "motherfuckin'" Draven
Age : 37
Gender : Male
Height : 5' 10"
Eyes color : Brown
Hair color : Black

Job : None (Criminal)
Class: Human (although many would disagree with that)
Weapons: .44 Magnum, insane tendencies, wits, sense of humour, leadership skills
Personal objects : He loves booze so he always carries a sterling silver flask around with him. It has a carving of screen legend John Wayne on it. It's the only thing he basically ever bought on his own. Other then that, his favorite possesion is money.
Physical aspect: fairly masculine, tattoos, smart dresser (black suits) ALWAYS armed

Biography: Scott Draven was born in a small desert town which no longer exists. Rumour has it that he was the last remaining resident in this particular town...called Westhaven. His large family abandoned him when he was 16. Much to his delight. He learned to fend for himself within the next 24hrs. and became headstrong enough to support himself immediatly. Through legitmate work...and through ciminal activity. Mostly the latter when he turned of legal age. He basically sticks to and cleans out small towns when he's on the move. He's always equipped with a witty line before he slays his victims...but usually only kills when required to. He loves his old (but fast) ratty ass car...and money. He's a scofflaw who cares about very little but the ills of society...he feeds off them.

Psychological profile: He doesn't give a fuck about anything except looting from innocent people...and stepping on the toes of those who get in his way. He gets off on robbing banks and society. It's an adrenaline rush for him. He's the epitome of bank robbers/looters. He has an aire of attitude so thick it almost makes him likeable. And he is...but if you fuck with him you're left shaking with most of your teeth on the ground...


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Post  Daleka on Sun Mar 23, 2008 11:53 pm

It's all good ! Like him, can't wait to meet him in-game, hehehe ! Very Happy Just need a picture.

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