[OPEN] A failed attempt.

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[OPEN] A failed attempt. Empty [OPEN] A failed attempt.

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A middle-aged man made his way to the glass counter of the shop, after going through a metal detector to ensure he wasn't armed. He looked a bit afraid, but the source of that fear remained unknown while he opened his mouth to talk.

“I’d like to buy a.. a handgun, please?”
“A pistol or a revolver?” asked the red-haired lady from behind her glasses.
“I don’t know… something light yet accurate?”
“I’d recommend this Glock 19 then. That’s the model most police officers uses. May I see some I.D?”

With that, the man fished in his pocket to something, while the saleswoman reached stealthily below her counter, her hand hovering a sawed-off shotgun she hid there for self-defense purpose. He finally got his ID out, handing it to her, his hand shaking. He was clearly sweating. She lady looked at it with furrowed brows, concentrating to see if it was a fake ID or not. Her questions were answered when the man held out a gun to her nose and shouted.

“Give me the guns. Give me all the guns! I am NOT going to die like my brother! These bastards…”

Another man who was looking at a displaying case in the back of the shop came and tried to interfere. He tried to scare the man.

“You shouldn’t do that! The police are on their way. You’re in trouble man!”
“The cops ? There is no cops here! Everybody’s crooked!!”
“STOP!” yelled the lady as she pulled out her shotgun and aimed at the armed man.

She squeezed the trigger at the same time he moved away. He took a shot at her while the other man lunged at him to prevent him from shooting her.

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