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The people were waiting in line to buy gas from the tanker. They had a rough day of work yet they still had to get gas otherwise they wouldn't be able to run their generators tonight. Gas for cars was only for the rich people because they had cars and if they could afford to get and take care of a car, they certainly could afford to get gas every week or so to run them. The poor people went to work by shuttle, every morning and came back the same way. These so-called shuttles were run-down school buses and were very uncomfortable.

After an hour or so, the driver of the tanker who was giving them gas and collecting money yelled that it was empty. There were still about twenty people left out there. Most of them just shrugged and walked away, they would have to dress warmly tonight or find a few pieces of wood to burn. But a few started to complain and shout threats and menaces.

“Give us our gas! We’re gonna freeze tonight!”
“Sorry pals but I can’t give what I have left in my truck. Need it to get back.”

People started to freak out. The ones that had no gas fought the ones that got lucky to steal theirs. A few people, probably gang members, took out guns and started to shoot. One lady got hurt and fell on the ground, unconscious. Nobody seemed to care as the yells got louder and loaded with aggressiveness…

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