The fall of a great one

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The fall of a great one Empty The fall of a great one

Post  Host on Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:34 pm

The sound of flesh hitting flesh was echoing through the dark place, surrounded by a heavy scent of humidity, blood and sweat floating in the cold air. As one descended the stairs, they could distinguish a cage seating in the middle of a sea of shouting and whistling people. The cage was rusted, a few bars were broken and its floor was covered in dirt. It was about ten by twelve feet wide, enough room to fight properly, but not enough to run away.

Inside the cage, two forms were fighting each other viciously, under a bright light, while the crowd was left out in the shadows. Although both had their head shaved, it was obvious that it was a man and a woman. They rammed into each other, until the male viciously grabbed the female by the throat and landed a series of punches on her kidney. The woman cried out in pain and fell to her knees, as the male reached for her but failed as she grabbed his family jewels at full force and he fell on his knees as well. She let out a war cry and a smile as she punched him on his Adam’s apple. He reached for his throat as she quickly got up and behind him. His face was turning blue as he was losing what little air he had left. Victoriously, she reached for his head and properly snapped his neck. He fell forward, dead.

The crowd cheered the winner as the observer smiled in the darkness, only their lips visible. The referee walked in the cage and triumphantly raised the woman’s hand in the air.

“The winner: Helena the invincible!”

The crowd clamored more as Helena got out of the cage, escorted by two guards armed with pistols. She went “backstage” to take a well-deserved shower and to change to some fresh clothes. But before that, she noticed somebody observing her in the shadow of the room.

“Who’s there?” Then, as the spy stepped out the shadow. “Ah. It’s you. So, I did what you wanted me to do. I want my part of the deal.”
“Okay.” Said the neutral voice, then a strange gleam escaped from their eyes. “Here it is.”
“Thank you.” Said Helena as she pocketed something invisible and went into the shower.

Blinking, she remembered that she forgot her soap in her locker.

Edit: This area is for players to create new characters (or use their "old" ones) and do fights for money. Feel free to PM Host or Daleka for ideas. You can post here as well.

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