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Post  Frostman445 on Fri Dec 14, 2007 5:34 am

Arrow Good Old Days

A door is kicked open in a run-down building. The building is old, dirty, and broken down and out of the way a perfect place to hide. The entire area is a former religious community that were major instigators during the war. Making them get wiped out due to the massive casualty rate of the war. Rumors say that remnants of the fanatic group still wander the streets of this small place, but underground and out of sight. Druggies who are jumping at shadows claim to see them wonder at night removing riff raff they deem troublesome. The general gist seems to be, as long as you don't cause problems, insult the religion whatever the hell it is, or are affiliated with any gangs or police you are left alone. Which explains why many homeless sit out in broad daylight out in and the open while many on the run are hidden among the many buildings.

Daniel stumbles in and looks around, the building looks empty. Matthew walks in afterwards and cracks his neck, takes a look around and shrugs. Then Daleka comes in last, closes the door and takes a seat. Matthew goes up a set of stairs to see if anybody is loitering is upstairs. He can hear Daniel and that woman conversing with each other, almost as if they knew each other. He checks the various rooms and sees nobody or anything interesting. Tossed over dirty mattresses, opened canned food, dirty blankets, trash etc. Line the rooms upstairs, no people. He walks downstairs stops and peaks around the open hallway to see Daniel and that woman talking, he listens a bit. He gathers almost instantly that they do know each other, since Daniel is an informer maybe that's how they know each other. Still, he isn't going to take any chances he's gotta know more. The woman is ace with a gun, better then him and something else just isn't right about her, something he can't put his finger on. He's going to extract information the only way he knows how. Matthew briskly walks in, takes out his glock and points it right at her forehead.

"Who the hell are you?" He asks sternly.
It might not have been the smartest move, the woman didn't even flinch and he saw what she can do. However Matthew is still interested why this woman just appears out of nowhere, is all buddy-buddy with Daniel and leads them here. He personally feels she might be inviting nothing but trouble somebody like that he figures, has to be into some bad china.

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Gimme Shelter. Empty Re: Gimme Shelter.

Post  Daleka on Wed Jan 30, 2008 8:06 am

- Who the hell are you? was the question asked, the gun pointed directly at her.
- Thatís not very nice, considering that I just saved your fucking ass. Daleka said calmly, despite the poison in her words.

She was mad at him for his stupid behaviour. Itís never enough for them that she save their ass; they have to ask questions tooÖ

- Iím just somebody who happened to be there at the right time and at the right place, thatís all. Now, I think we have more important matter on our hands, donít you think? She said as she just gets up and walk toward the stairs.

She does not even care about him, she knows he wonít be stupid enough to shoot a firearm in the vicinity; thatís the law. No firearms allowed or at least no use of them will be tolerated. If you do, you have a whole bunch of homeless people; drug addicts or any other kind of bum jumping at your throat. And against twenty of them, it doesnít matter how skilled you are or how powered your gun is.. youíre just plain meat for them.

- I think we should lay off the heat for a while in here. She said. Anyone wants to play cards?

She then heard a rumour coming from upstairs and frowned. Raising her index finger to her lips, she ordered them silence as she stealthily crept upstairs. Gunfire? Who the hell is stupid enough not to follow the outsiderís law!

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