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Post  Valtiel on Mon Dec 03, 2007 5:01 pm

First name : Adam
Last name : Sylar
Nickname : -
Age : 39 years
Gender : Male
Height : 197 cm
Eyes color : Blue.
Hair color : Brown, fixed like a business man.

Job : He helps people get away from the street and take them to the facility known as Neue Leben.
Class : Human
Abilities/specialties : Adam is extremely skilled in talking to people, in making them calm and and convince them to choose the right path in their lives. He uses this ability to try and help people get started on their new lives so that the world once again can become a habital place for all people. While he is normally potrayed as a calm and convincing man he has before shown his temper in extreme situations.
Weapons : Inside his suit he always have a handgun, a Px4 Storm Beretta that is easy to conceal under his jucket or suit. It is not a safe world anymore and you must always be prepared when venturing out in the streets to gather up people to help. He also have a small knife hidden under his jacket as well if the handgun is insufficient.
Picture of the knife: http://a-1-tools.com/library/B-RY228.jpg
Personal objects : Badge that shows what organization he comes from, wallet with some pictures of a girl and a young wife, probably in the early 30's.
Physical aspect : Adam looks like a typical business man, from before the entire world changed and was enveloped in chaos and wars. While you might think he is weak, he seems to have a pretty strong body behind his calm looks. He is mostly walking around in a long coat, that is black which certainly look a lot different from what everyone else is wearing in these days. He also wears leather gloves all the time but why he does so is unknown to many. He also wears glasses.

Biography : Before what is some called the End of the World, Adam was a succesful man who was running one of the biggest hospitals in Canada but as with everything else, his life was shattered when wars broke out and the world was left in rubbles and death. His family consisting of his lovely wife and daughter didn't survive the wars and was killed at the end. After he discovered they were dead he blamed himself of their deaths and ended up as a messed up individual living a life of hate and grief in a shelter for the diseased and the mad, never trusting any other person for years. But one day he was visited by some man who wanted help from Adam. The man told him of a brand new future that they could help create due to Adam's good medical grades and his experience as a leader of a hospital. The man, known as the Heinrich Krauser, brought Adam back into the world of the living and together they helped establish the small facility known as Neue Leben. It has now been a well-known facility, where the poor and the helpless are taken off the street, given a new chance at life and to start over. Some people are suspicious of the facility, of why someone helps the outcast of society and how they can even get all the money from running the facility itself. Adam has become one of the heads of the facility but at top the mysterious man Heinrich Krauser still sits strong.
Psychological profile: Adam is always a very friendly man towards the homeless and the outcast but deep down he feels some kind of disgust and hatred towards those he tries to help. It probably came during his years when he was living as one of them. Even though he works with them on a daily basis he can't stand anyone even as much as touching his skin, afraid of their dirty and unclean skin. This is the reason why he always wears gloves when walking outside among them but if someone is unfortunate to touch him too much he has before shown that he has a very violent and somehow disturbed side inside his otherwise calm and comfortable looks.
Pictures :
[OK] Adam Sylar Jack-coleman-noah-bennet-heroes-season-2


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