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Post  Daleka on Mon Dec 03, 2007 1:06 pm

First name: Daniel
Last name : Lamb
Nickname : Seeker
Age : 19
Gender: Male
Height : 5’8
Eyes color: Purple
Hair color: Brown
Job : Unemployed like Matthew. But he serves as an “informer” to various people in the poor district, usually for a fee. However since Matthew beat him so severely for wanting a fee on information he had on the “tattooed man” he now gives Matthew whatever info he has for free.

Class: Human with modified eyes. His eyes were stabbed out when he was very young by a drunken gang member. He got modified machine eyes that glow with a purple hue and give credit to his nickname people have given him on the streets.

Abilities/specialties: He’s not much of a fighter; he only proves a threat when he has a knife. He learned various forms of Special Forces knife combat from a military soldier passing through who sort of “took him in” when Daniel was much younger. Is also quite acrobatic, is able to climb buildings and the like very well, making him able the only person to be able to get around the entire poor district quickly. This also makes him key on things going around that district since he can eavesdrop on whatever people are planning if they talk about such things out in the open, surprisingly most do. His only other real skill is his way to talk out of trouble, its how he mostly remained alive in the poor district. Matthew is the only person who he has not been able to “smooth talk” his way out of. His eyes also give also allow him to “zoom in” like a snipers scope, but not by a lot.

Carries a Glock pistol that was given to him by Matthew, which with him is the closet thing to a friendly gesture he’s probably been able to do since his family died. Matthew also modified it with a laser scope just like his own Glock before giving it to him. Daniel also carries a knuckle knife that even has small spikes on the outside of the hand guard.

Personal objects:
A Lighter:
Daniel is a heavy smoker, so it’s only natural he has a lighter.

Hair of the dog Cigarettes:
Russian Guaranteed to make you more of a man.

Physical aspect: Since he lives in the poor district, his clothing is poor and ragged. The typical things he wears are baggy pants, old boots, hoodies, jackets, etc. Anything that covers his body the most he wears. He also usually wears the hoodies with the hood up and wears a face ski mask, with both of these things on the only thing you can usually see is his eyes.

Biography : Daniel lost his entire family when the world changed, forcing him to live on his own at the age of 14. He got along by being an informant, courier for gangs, and a messenger between rival factions to relay messages. It was on a messenger run that a gang member that was drunk didn’t like what he reported and stabbed out his eyes with a broken beer bottle. He blindly crawled his way back to the gang he ran with, and they abandoned him and left him to bleed out. He was taken in by a Special Forces Military man, even though Daniel never saw the man, this man addressed himself as such and spoke in a tone and way that is typical of a soldier. He taught him how to fight with a knife, even without sight and as a last parting gesture gave him modified eyes he got off the black market. When he woke up the military man was gone and never came back, now Daniel has a respect for the military even if most of them are not like the man who saved his life. Now he runs around the poor district as an informant and even takes out gang members that do the innocent harm with his knife skills.

Psychological profile: Since he’s only 19 years old, he still acts a bit like an immature kid. He cracks a lot of jokes and is an easy going kind of person, despite the life he has had. He prefers to take life less seriously and doesn’t get why some get through it in such a depressed fashion, making him not understand Matthew much.

Pictures :
[NPC] Daniel Lamb Pbucket

Character belonging to Frostman445

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