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Post  Frostman445 on Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:32 am

First name: Matthew
Last name : Shaw
Nickname : Doesn’t have one.
Age : 28
Gender: Male
Height : 6’0
Eyes color: Green with a mix of red almost “Bloodshot.” From his days as a Substance D user.
Hair color: Black
Job : Unemployed. To make ends meet he protects shop owners and other people from oppression from the local gangs. Also sells the explosives he makes, but only to people he knows and is sure of their intentions. He doesn’t want to be involved in the death of innocents.


Abilities/specialties: Since he used to be a S.W.A.T. member before the world went to hell he is competent in the use of fire arms and hand to hand combat. He was however on the S.W.A.T. bomb disposal unit, which he eventually learned how to make explosives so he knows how to defuse bombs and also make them. They are however things like pipe bombs and very crude C4 because he doesn’t have access to the greatest materials in the world’s current state.

Carries a Glock pistol that was outfitted by his friend Damien Frost with a laser scope. Also carries a reinforced Steel Pipe, he customized it and outfitted that it doesn’t break or bend easily from many uses. He created a sheathe that he has wrapped on his back and pulls it out much like a sword.

Personal objects:

Family Picture: A picture of him, his wife Maria, and his two sons Mark and Jake.

Police Badge: A police badge, the serial number and what city it belongs to has been scratched off. No matter how many times asked he has never revealed what city he was an S.W.A.T. member in.

Guitar Pick: A guitar pick that belonged to his brother Michael.

Physical aspect:
His clothing is very ragged and old. Many of his shirts have holes in them and various parts of his body are bandaged with blood covering them from the many injuries he gets from fighting. Also has a tattoo of a skull on his back. The tattoo only proves a horrid reminder to him.

Biography: Matthew was an S.W.A.T. member of a local police department before the world was turned on its head. After everything that happened he tried to become a police man in other parts of the world but they were so corrupted that he kept moving him and his family from place to place to find a police department that wasn’t full of corruption, his search wasn’t very successful. He became so stressed that he started to use the drug called Substance D, he used it to much that he wasn’t able to pay the dealers so they killed his family when he could no longer afford to pay. They were killed with the very same steel pipe he keeps tucked away on his back, the same pipe he plans to use on the gang responsible for his family’s death. When he was hooked on their drug the gang always kept to themselves, very secret. Even so much so that he didn’t even know that gangs name. The only thing he has to go on is the man he met with for the drugs. A tall man, with a large scar on his left eye and tribal tattoos all over his head, back, and chest he now searches for this man, hoping to kill him.

Psychological profile: Is a very hard nosed man, he was much friendlier before the death of his family, it changed him greatly. He is now only obsessed with finding the men resonpisble for his families’ death. However he doesn’t turn a blind eye on the plight of innocent people and helps them when he can. When trying to become friends with him is hard, it only seems the way to do so is to share in his goal or to help him in a way that goes toward that goal; otherwise he doesn’t want anything to do with anybody.

Pictures :

Note: I also have an NPC I want to add that goes along with my character. What's the procress of creating one? The same as creating a "full" character like this one?

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Post  Daleka on Mon Dec 03, 2007 10:47 am

Yeah, just send me your NPC via PM and i'll check it and put it up for you. Very Happy

Your character is ok !

I'm locking here.

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