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Post  Bones on Tue Jun 10, 2008 12:20 pm

I can hear them again. They make tiny creaks and screeches around my home, attempting to drive me from it. They are nearing fruition, as I can feel my mind slowly slipping away. They haunt me, ruining my every action with their merciless feeding. They are eating away at my mind, scattering my thoughts, with their horrid movements. My comrades no longer visit me. They tell me I'm mad. That it's all in my head. They can't hear what is in front of them, obviously angry with their presence. I've told my comrades to no longer visit me, because those ghouls take their anger out on me, chirping and feeding and scraping louder and louder.

I can see them now. At first they were subtle. Only showing their heels as they ran out of view. That progressed into purposeful exposure. They are small and are covered with black hair. Now they stand in the corners of my room, and stare at me as I sleep. I know they are there. I awake in the night, and I can see their evil, yellow eyes. They taunt me from the shadows, standing still as they can, trying to deceive me into thinking I can't see them. My comrade visited my house against my wishes. They became enraged as he knocked on the door. I heard their angry chirps from all around me. They grew angrier and angrier. My comrade would not leave, so finally, I could not stand it any longer and I killed him.

They are in my head. I cannot get them out. They started out just as they did before. They accidentally fell into my dreams, and quickly exited. So fast they were, I wasn't even sure they were there. They've now engulfed my every thought. I dreamed about my comrade, buried in the lawn. Now, as I walk through my home, I can hear him wailing, angry with me, siding with those creatures. He haunts me, and I can see and hear him too. Those creatures are making me do things I otherwise would never do. They caged me in my home. Then they destroyed my possessions. They dug up my comrade and lay his rotting corpse on my living chair. They wrote strange symbols on the wall.

I see another menace. My comrade was reported missing and my neighbors tipped the police off. They came knocking on my door. The fiends, seeking proliferation, left. They left me, my mind blank, my life destroyed. The police took me. They took me to an asylum. They forced me into a straight jacket and then they locked me in a cell made of pillows. I breathed heavily in relief, finally rid of those creatures.

They've returned. Now they haunt me in my cage. I scream for help, and the officers only once listened. They told me my execution would be in 4 days. In 4 days. I wasn't sure of my constitution. My mind was already weak. Those creatures would surely destroy me before my departure. Finally, my mind broke. And I screamed. And screamed. And screamed. And then I cried. And cried more. I started to scream again. I screamed through the nights. Then I was silent.


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